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Ponnary has +20 years of experience in the financial industry with a social psychology, economy & management backgrounds. Having held positions ranging from operational to management positions with high responsibilities.

Certified as a personal development coach & graduated from the London public Speaker Academy she is a constant learner. She has coached more than a thousand clients and transformed lives, been on French TV & radio shows, and is a Best Selling Author of The Courageous Path to Empowerment & The Power From Within

Today, she is a Life Strategist & Wisdom Coach, Founder & CEO of Talent me up, whose mission is to inspire and empower people to live a happy and healthy life towards success. What makes her unique is that she is a human behavior analyst with a high level of intuition and emotional intelligence. Hence she can read in each person easily. She helps unlock the hidden potential, get a positive mindset to step into your greatness to take the high road of success, and encourages everyone to create the life you want to live your best life. 

Authenticity, Courage, Wisdom, and Discipline are her best drivers in life & business. 

My Story

Life taught me 3 hard lessons where I had no choice than fighting and never gave up on myself. Today, I found my life purpose which is to help others to heal their life & become massive winners in all areas of their life.



I have coached a gay couple for a TV show on NRJ12 with a very high level of jealousy problematic. They got married in March 2017 after only one coaching session with me.

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RFM radio

RFM radio

Europe 1 Radio

Europe 1 Radio

TV Report

TV Report

TV Report

TV Report

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine

Intelligent Millionaire Network

Intelligent Millionaire Network

Global Woman Paris

Global Woman Paris

Speaking on stage at Global Woman London

Speaking on stage at Global Woman London

On stage with Andy Harrington

On stage with Andy Harrington

With Mirella Sula, Founder of Global woman club

With Mirella Sula, Founder of Global woman club

Global Woman London

Global Woman London



Paris Basketball champions

Paris Basketball champions

Rost is a French director, president of the Banlieues actives collective, writer, producer, columnist, member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and advisor on urban violence


Rost is a French director, president of the Banlieues actives collective, writer, producer, columnist, member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and advisor on urban violence
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Laury Thilleman

Animatrice émission Happy&Zen sur Teva, ex Miss France 2011
Laury Thilleman - Dédicace Au TOP
The world's leading public speaker expert

Andy Harrington

The world’s leading public speaker expert
Andy Harrington

Andy Harrington & Greg Secker

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and self-made millionaire

Greg Secker

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and self-made millionaire
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N°1 Wealth Work Out & Business coach Millionnaire Underdog
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Founder of INREES, journalist & author
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  • Men vs Women – Strength & Relationships
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  • 10 ways to be a better leader in your business
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How to coach your mental to success 497
Included : Ebook, audio, video guidance

1) How to increase your power of Self
2) How to master your emotions
3) How to develop your charisma
4) How to cultivate the power of positivity
5) How to develop your intuition
6) How to deal with negative people
7) How to rise your authentic Self
8) How to unlock your potential
9) How to speak in public
10) How to network
11) How to save your energy
12) How to develop your leadership
13) How to build your personal branding
14) How to increase your relationship skills
15) How to build trust
16) How to overcome your fears
17) How to deal with jealousy
18) How to cope with any issue
19) How to dress to success
20) How to manage stress
21) How to increase your self-confidence
22) How to empower your Self
23) How to learn to Self-love
24) How to live mindfully
25) How to deal with time management
26) How to develop your strength
27) How to achieve your goals
28) How to influence others
29) How to apply the « take action process »
30) How to become best version of yourself



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Connecting Women Globally

The courageous path to empowerment

Connecting Women Globally
By Roeland Suylen

Contributor of the ebook "101 definitions of Success

By Roeland Suylen

The Power From Within

By Ponnary Samvan


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Ponnary touched me with the love and sincerity that emerges from her. At first contact, she puts us at ease.” Her ability to capture situations immediately and lucidly allows her to quickly identify our blockages, for my part from the first session, who still stay in our unconscious. Her method is unique: a psychological, spiritual and human one. I won 10 years of therapy! The result surprised me but it is not without counting on a deep work on oneself and facing our own truths.

Today, I feel liberated and am able to listen to my desires before those of others, my choices are made in coherence with myself. Many thanks to Ponnary for your precious help, I wish you a lot of success. 

47 years old – Product Marketing Director at Marionnaud

Ponnary inspires confidence from the first contact, and we immediately feel that she knows what she’s talking about.

Over the course of the coaching sessions, I laid out everything that needed to be “transformed”.

I do not have a problem attracting men, it is rather to succeed in building a long-lasting relationship.

I realized that the importance of facing the mirror is the basis for questioning and Ponnary has pushed the “bad buttons” as gently and diplomatically. Her speech is reassuring and it took me a long time to open up and accept to receive. I was a kid at the beginning of our sessions and then I became emotionally mature; I became a very patient woman!

The seduction guide I built made me comfortable with the opposite sex and especially not to ask the question at each new meeting: “But what will I tell him? And I learned to let the other come and have his space.

Ponnary, I thank you very much for your patience and your positivity with any test, with you, one has the impression that everything is possible! 

32 years old – Purchase Director 


If I had to describe coaching with Ponnary, I’d say it’s a guided trip, a nice trip to meet yourself.

Because no one but you can know who you are and what you aspire to, it is important to learn to discover yourself.

Travel through your life to face your past. Drop the fears that trap you and fly away in search of who you really are. This liberation is possible for all and allowed me to gain confidence in myself and finally dare to be. Finally, dare to do what I like.

The coaching forces me to work on me in depth, while being perfectly accompanied by Ponnary, at each step towards myself. The return to oneself allows an evolution towards the life one wishes and improves our relationship with the others. It is a real questioning about the habits that we have difficulty to let go, and yet which prevent us from being happy.

Through a well-developed methodology, fun and very effective tests, Ponnary helped me to realize that everything is possible by working on my mindset. I am here today to testify that living in a healthy and caring way, it exists, and it is possible when one chooses her as a coach.

27 years old – Clinical Research Associate, today converted as a love coach